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70 Seater Coach Hire

For 70 Passengers

Planning a road trip with huge gatherings is not a big deal with Read Travel’s exclusive 70 seater bus that promises to grant the next level of peace of mind and calm for the body, having a wide range of travel amenities at an affordable price range.

We’re Affordable, Flexible, & Accessible; We’re Read Travel.

When you seek a versatile and custom travelling opportunity, Read Travel sounds like a perfect solution to opt for. We confidently say that all our vehicles are well-designed and of fantastic qualities that enable all the passengers to experience safe and sound group travelling. Moreover, we ensure high-level and foolproof safety measures, i.e., airbags, traffic monitoring, and captivating designs for both seats and body. 

Understanding personal needs and preferences, we make sure to provide first-class convenience for all passengers, regardless of the distance of the designated spot. Therefore, with our classic 70 seater bus, we confidently offer a herd of 70 passengers to keep refreshed and amused with a number of top-tier leisure facilities, from DVDs, CDs, and music systems. So, get rid of bored travelling and welcome a memorable and adventurous ride with us.

Amenities We Provide;

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Here Endless Comfort Meets Elegant Design.

Whenever and wherever you plan to move out within the UK, our 70 seater bus hire service is always ready to let you go. Being your perfect travel partner, we take pride in offering our extra wide and fully luxurious coach, which is not only an emblem of peace and comfort but also equipped with extraordinary features that let our customers urge to travel on it again. This highlights our sole dedication, passion, and professionalism in our service.

Wide & Capacious Interior

In order to provide you with spacious and efficient transport for large groups, our coach has a wide room to accommodate a maximum of 70 passengers without any hassle.

Emission Standards

To reduce the environmental impact and improve air quality, our all-in-one 70-seater vehicle ensures to adhere to Transport for London’s strict emission standards.

Accessibility Features

Giving equal rights for disabled or wheelchair users to enjoy the luxury of travelling with their loved ones, our vehicles contain low floors, ramps, and designated spaces.

Infotainment & Connectivity

Enhancing the travel experience of passengers, we offer modern infotainment systems and onboard WiFi connectivity that really make every moment engaging and pleasant.

Our Trip Plans

Explore More, Spend Less!

Airport Transfers

We ensure efficient and comfortable transfer of passengers between major airports of London and the city centre by making their whole journey stress-free.

Birmingham Heritage

Explore the unique blend of tradition and modernity of cultural heritage and rich history of Birmingham, from its industrial past to the vibrant arts scene with us.

Bournemouth Sea Lines

Relish your heart by exploring sandy beaches, clear water, and several other recreational activities to ultimately find a relaxing escape from the beauty of the coastline.

Manchester Landmarks

Discover the dynamic landmarks of Manchester, from historical sites to modern architecture, diverse attractions to vibrant urban culture, by riding on our comfy rides.
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Amplifying Our Self-Esteem

By providing on-the-spot, professional, and luxury transport facilities from experts recommendations, we are happy to see the positive reviews of our worthy clients with our 70 seater bus hire service.

We Beat Any Genuine Like for Like Quote

Embark on your journey with Read Travel, your  dedicated travel companion.

We Beat Any Genuine Like for Like Quote

Embark on your journey with Read Travel, your dedicated travel companion.