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12 to 17 Seater Minibus Hire

For 12-17 Passengers

Embark on a prosperous and comfortable journey covering hundreds of miles with our 12 seater minibus hire, tailored for small to medium groups, offering an extraordinary travel experience.

Indulge in Elegant Designs for Endless Comfort

Whether you’re rushing to a crucial meeting with your team or aiming to arrive at the event venue ahead of the chief guest, relax and visit Read Travel online effortlessly. Catering to all your travel needs, we present our upbeat 12 to 17-seater minibus hire service with care and confidence.

Featuring customized travel packages and a team of highly professional and friendly staff, we ensure each trip is remarkable from start to finish. Our rides come equipped with a plethora of luxury facilities, ensuring you stay engaged and refreshed throughout the journey. Thus, our transport service is ideal for all your occasions.

As a practical solution for your next road trip, we pledge to make you feel like an adventurous commuter, igniting the spirit of travel with Read Travel.

Amenities We Provide in 12 seater minibus hire;

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Create cherished memories by opting for our cost-effective transportation services, dedicated to excellence in group travel.

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Whenever and wherever your plans take you within the UK, our 12 seater minibus hire service is always prepared to accompany you. As your ideal travel partner, we take pride in presenting our 12-seater fleets, designed to provide not only comfort but also equipped with a range of exceptional specifications. Our aim is to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for you and your companions.

Spacious Seating Arrangement

Our meticulously designed minibus, featuring comfortable and ergonomic seating, ensures ample space for each passenger to unwind and relish family outings or celebratory moments.

Advanced Entertainment System

Immerse yourself in the experience with cutting-edge audio and video systems that allow you to cherish every moment and enjoy your favourite music, leaving a lasting impression.

Climate Control Comfort

To maintain a comfortable and desirable environment on board, our 12-seater minibuses come equipped with highly controlled air conditioning and heating systems.

Plug-in Power Sockets

Stay seamlessly connected and engaged throughout the journey with our provided charging ports, eliminating the usual inconvenience of a drained battery.

Our Trip Plans

Driving Toward Your Happy Place!

London to Airports

Embrace a stress-free journey to and from London’s bustling airports; whether you’re departing for an exciting adventure or returning home, we’ll pick you up in comfort & style.

Birmingham, Alabama

Experience the warmth of Southern hospitality or discover the civil rights history, indulge in delectable cuisine or immerse in the arts scene with our 12 to 17 seater minibus hire.

Bournemouth, England

Escape to the picturesque coastal town and take in the fresh sea air at the Bournemouth Pier by riding on our fleets, offering a calm and relaxed journey to this seaside haven.

Manchester, England

Rejuvenate your vibrant spirit by exploring the iconic landmarks of Manchester from creative and cultural heart to everlasting musical legacy with our convenient way to traverse.
12 seater minibus hire


Amplifying Our Self-Esteem

By providing on-the-spot, professional, and luxury transport facilities, we are happy to see the positive reviews of our worthy clients with our 12 seater minibus hire service.

We Beat Any Genuine Like for Like Quote

Embark on your journey with Read Travel, your  dedicated travel companion.

We Beat Any Genuine Like for Like Quote

Embark on your journey with Read Travel, your dedicated travel companion.