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Plan A Stress-Free Family Getaway With Read Travel Minibus Hire

Family Getaway With Read Travel Minibus Hire

Family holidays are a chance to escape the everyday, create lasting memories, and bond with your loved ones. While the destination holds immense excitement, navigating the avenues can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where Read Travel minibus hire steps in. 

With state-of-the-art technology, modern amenities, luxurious interiors, well-maintained fleets, and excellent customer support, Read Travel ensures a smooth and joyful journey that makes lasting memories. For all your small group outings especially with your family, here you can hire the best vehicles for a smooth journey. 

If you want a stress-free travel experience to enjoy the fullest of a group outing, you’ve hit the right place. Buckle up and pack your bag for an adventurous ride soon!

A Hassle-Free Travel Starts with Read Travel Minibus Hire

Usually, there are various challenges that come across family travelling. From juggling luggage to keeping everyone entertained, and ensuring everyone arrives safely, all of these concerns arise just to ensure everyone can enjoy the fullest on long journeys. 

With Read Travel minibus hire, you have no need to worry about any stress of transportation. It’s because we allow you to focus on the joy of the journey and create lasting memories together.

Whether you’re a group of 9, 17, 24, or even more, our top-tier minibuses are the all-in-one solutions for your family outing. Just visit our 9 seater to 24 seater minibuses and see what we offer in our transportation services.  

Our Spacious Minibuses: Your Home Away from Home On the Road

Want to forget the cramped that is confined to public transport or the hassle of multiple vehicles? Our fleet of modern, comfortable minibuses caters perfectly to family travel needs. All our minibuses are fully spacious and offer ample legroom, luggage compartments, and comfortable seating. This ensures a relaxed and enjoyable journey for everyone. 

But we go beyond just the basics. Think of our minibuses as your home away from home on the road. Most of our vehicles are equipped with a custom-control atmosphere with air conditioning and heating. So, we provide you with a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather. 

For longer journeys, our minibuses feature reclining seats that allow everyone to stretch out and relax. Imagine arriving at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore instead of being stiff and cramped from a long journey in a car. Read Travel minibus hire prioritises comfort for your family to ensure a stress-free travel experience from start to finish.

Flexibility & Comfort Tailored to Your Family

Planning a family trip requires flexibility. So, we care about this and offer Read Travel minibus hire services to your specific needs and personalised demands. Whether you’re starting a day trip to a theme park, a weekend getaway to the seaside, or an extended adventure exploring historical sights, we offer a range of minibus sizes in order to accommodate your family perfectly. 

Our Minibus Options for Your Family Adventure

🚐 Small Groups (for 9 seater): Our smaller minibuses are usually equipped with 9 seats and are ideal for pleasant family gatherings or day trips. Thus, we offer a cosy and comfortable atmosphere while still providing ample legroom and luggage space. 

🚐 Medium Groups (for 12–17 seater): These mid-sized minibuses are equipped with 12 to 17 seats and are perfect for larger families or groups with additional luggage. We provide a spacious and comfortable environment for everyone to relax and enjoy the journey. 

🚐 Large Groups (for 18–24 seater): For extended family vacations or adventures with multiple families travelling together, our larger minibuses are equipped with 18- 24 seats. They offer the ultimate comfort and space due to having ample legroom to stretch out, luggage compartments to show away all your gear, and space to move around freely. 

More than Just Transportation: Your Reliable Travel Partner

Our commitment to comfort goes beyond simply offering a variety of sizes. But we understand that families come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so do their needs. In order to meet all their personal preferences, our minibuses are featured with safe and secure seatings for kids as well as youngsters. This ensures the ultimate safety for your little ones. 

Moreover, our minibuses come with extra-wide doorways to accommodate strollers or wheelchairs. So, do you want a personalised travel experience? Let us know your unique requirements, and we will tailor the minibus and its features to create a comfortable and convenient travel experience for everyone in your family. 

Here’s how Read Travel minibus hire becomes your reliable travel partner for your family adventure:

Expert Route Planning

We have a team of professionals who have a well-profounded knowledge of local routes, traffic patterns, and hidden gems of London. So, we assure work with you to create a personalised itinerary that considers your desired destinations, and preferred stops and avoids potential traffic congestion.

Local Knowledge & Recommendations

Group travelling with a family caters to kid-friendly attractions and family-oriented restaurants. So, our chauffeurs are highly knowledgeable about local hotspots and the UK’s hidden gems. Generally, we recommend age-appropriate activities and suggest restaurants with lavish cuisine for everyone. Such practice promises unique experiences that will surely create lasting memories for your whole family. 

Peace of Mind & Safety

While travelling with family, safety is paramount. That’s why our minibuses are meticulously maintained and serviced regularly to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, all our drivers are highly experienced and licensed, with a proven track record of safety and customer satisfaction. So, let us tell you: be relaxed and enjoy your journey with the uttermost peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in trustworthy hands. 

24/7 Support

No doubt, from planning for group travel to moving on the way, there are a lot of unexpected situations and questions that may arise. In order to cater to any circumstances, our professional team is available 24/7 to provide excellent customer support and assistance. 

Whether you’re stuck finding a specific location, getting recommendations for a last-minute dinner reservation, or simply having a question about your itinerary, just approach to Read Travel minibus hire for any help; we’re just a phone call away.  

Benefits of Choosing Read Travel Minibus Hire for Your Family Adventure

Once you switch to our travel agency, you’ll gain a reliable travel partner dedicated to making your family adventure a success with the 100% guarantee of:

✔ Convenience: Eliminate the stress of carpooling or navigating public transport with young children.

✔ Comfort: Spacious and well-maintained minibuses ensure a comfortable journey for everyone.

✔ Safety: Our experienced drivers prioritise safety and provide a smooth, stress-free ride.

✔ Flexibility: Choose a minibus size that perfectly suits your family’s needs and luggage.

✔ Cost-Effective: Read Travel minibus hire can be a more cost-effective option compared to individual car rentals, especially for larger families.

Thus, by choosing Read Travel minibus hire, you gain more than just a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.

How to Book with Read Travel

Booking corporate transportation with Read Travel minibus hire is quick and easy. Simply visit our website at and fill out our online booking form. 

Our friendly customer support team will then contact you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a personalised quote. 

Once your booking is confirmed, you can relax knowing that your transportation needs are in good hands.

Memorable Journeys Begin with Read Travel

Let Read Travel minibus hire be your partner in creating unforgettable family adventures. Contact us today to discuss your travel plans and receive a personalised quote. Our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions and ensure you have a comfortable, stress-free journey as your family embarks on its next adventure!

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